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Due to this reason paper industries dominate in USA, Canada, Russia, Norway, Sweden and Finland, which account for the greatest concentration of coniferous forests. There is to mm 40 to cm of rain per year. Lac is widely used for making paints, bangles, fireworks, sealing wax, electrical insulation material, spirit laguns etc.

More essays like this: As a result, temperature on the forest floor remains low during the day and higher during the dark hours of night. The trees also have a tough and thick bark that can help resist summer fires.

They stay their shape all year. Coniferous trees thrive during short summers as well as during long and harsh winters characterized with heavy snowfall lasting for a period of six months. At a global scale, forests can be classified and spatially delimited, taking into account one or a combination of three attributes: The average rainfall is 30 to 60 inches a year.

It contains lichen, club mosses, and true mosses. Larches for instance are a good example of coniferous trees. He would use wood for fuel, as well as thatching and making huts; wild fruits and leaves would be consumed as food, and tree barks would be used as clothing.

In the coniferous forest, there is a snow shoe rabbit. The plants have adapted to the forests by leaning toward the sun. Mba dissertation help uk lp Mba dissertation help uk lp essay on english is a global language.

The cool temperature in the coniferous forest keeps decomposition slow!. This zone has young and short trees. Last but not least, the trees are the longest and toughest trees living in the world. Lichens, liverworts and Mosses are found in the floor of the forest and often grow on branches and trunks.

In the coniferous forest, it is likely that the precipitation will fall mainly as snow. The fallen needles will be broken down and decomposed by fungi.

The leaves and cones of the jack pines are food for rodents and the others. White resin is used in manufacturing paper, oils and greases, adhesive tape, laundry soap, linoleum, printing ink etc.

Essay on Forests: Importance, Major Products and Its Conservation

The coniferous trees have long and thin needles. Their growth also creates a highly sheltered and dense forest. Additionally, there are few flowering plants in the region. The coniferous forest has trees which the leaves stays the same shape. Large predators including wolves and bears can be found in the forests because they can easily hunt for prey such as large herbivores.

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Temperate Deciduous Forest Biome

The forests also thrive in different types of soils and climatic conditions. Life on forest floor Evergreen trees at some point in their lives will shed leaves and grow new ones. Therefore, plants and animals that live in the forest are fully and well adapted to harsh and bitterly cold seasons.

The most significant environmental factors are micro climate, soil characteristics, availability of moisture and biological activities.

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The common plants in the coniferous forest are the coniferous trees evergreens. Northern coniferous trees are popularly known as boreal or tiga forests. Elk and deer are commonly found in the forests because they feed or browse on berries that grow on low laying shrubs.

The differences between the coniferous forest and deciduous forest: Essay Minor Products of Forest: Traditional business organizations must take into consideration many more aspects of business today, than in the past when the focus was primarily on profits and making money for the shareholders.

As a result, only a few herbaceous plants and ferns can grow in the areas. The differences between the coniferous forest and tundra: In the tundra, it is windy like the coniferous forest.

In the coniferous forest, it rains and snows. In the tundra, there are about two months of frost-free days. Essay on Forests and Coniferous Trees Words 3 Pages Forests are basically a complex mix of living things such as animals, trees, shrubs, plants, fungi, and many more, as they cover about 40% of.

The location of my biome, the coniferous forest is located on the continent of North America. It can be found in the upper part of Washington State.

The annual rainfall is about cm. The temperature of the great forest ranges from degrees Celsius to 30 degrees Celsius.

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The average summer temperature is 10 degrees Celsius. In the coniferous forest, the average precipitation is cm (33 in). There is to mm (40 to cm) of rain per year. There is to mm (40 to cm) of rain per year.

Coniferous Essay

The amount of precipitation depends on the forest's place. Although during the winter the temperature drops below zero, and its due to its location that they are not as livable during the other cycles.

Coniferous (Taiga) Forest General Classification of Coniferous These biomes are made up of mostly cone-bearing, needle-like trees, like spruces, hemlocks, pines and firs. The coniferous forest is located in Canada, Europe, Asia, and the United States. The temperature ranges from Celsius to 20 Celsius.

Average summer temperature is 10 Celsius. Yearly precipitation varies from 30 to 90 centimeters per year. Coniferous forest regions have cold, long, snowy winters, and warm, humid summers.

Coniferous forest essay
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